Web Designing

We help in building the site structure, writing texts from scratch, select photos, establish links, SEO-friendly phrases, and all other details which hold you back from doing the new site, or web page at all.


Brand strategy

Others are selling a lot of products or services, and you are stuck? You don't know why your sale is low and don't dare to face the facts? Ask us for consultancy service, we help like doctors, and we always have a cure.


Graphic design

We are proud of having the best and the most creative designers for you. Just say what you need, and it will be designed in weeks. We don't promise impossible, but we deliver the best.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is a good habit to make notes. Or sketches of new ideas. Put them in one place and collect for later time. One day you will feel a flame inside of you to make a bigger step, and all these little things, small notes and ideas will click into one project. It may take weeks or even months, sometime years, but it is worth collecting. It is much better to make a project which comes from our heart and inner need than do it under the pressure of time or competitors.

We can help you in putting these pieces of scratch together into a beautiful design, web site of online campaign.

One of our services is consultancy of a project. You may rent us for one day or one week and we take over a steering wheel to guide your ship to the target.

Our biggest asset is the ethics of our work. We don’t offer you something what we believe will not support you, even though you want it. We look for future benefits in what we can create together, like ecological course of changes or zero waste strategy.

We are a rare example of an agency which after 10 years of servicing all clients, decided to support only ethical and ecologically-oriented companies. Therefore, if you are looking for a good change for your brand, like eco-friendly packaging design or sustainable POS materials, you are home.

Our Services

Some examples of what we are doing for our Clients

Photo Sessions

We do photo sessions of company teams, product portfolios, CEO portraits, event photo relations, arranged photos for press releases, social media.

Artificial Intelligence

We help optic stores to inroduce Artificial Intelligence to their daily offer and thus raise work efficiency in Client Service. We cooperate with a Danish AI supplier, certified with CE in EU.

Marketing Services

We have nearly 20 years of experience in Marketing, and Brand Communication, also in Publishing and POS creation. Tell us what you need, starting from a business card, poster, leaflet or online banner. We can take care of it.


One of our core activities is doing company trainings concentrated on self-development, health-development, efficiency at work thanks to well-being techniques, ecological vision of company development, and other.

Web sites, WordPress

We encourage companies to switch to simple web sites and to teaching employees to operate WordPress, which accelerates company development thanks to dynamic web page communication with Clients and self-reliance of companies.


You need your name to become known? We offer editorials, interviews and PR service, so you will soon become a part of online headlines. We did that many times.