We’d love to have a web site, but we have no time to write texts


21st century and still having an old-fashioned web site? No web site at all? How many more years will you wait for the miracles to happen? Think about it in a financial way. One time effort (or cost) can bring you 10 times more engagements, orders, 100 times more opportunities. But the first step is a nice business card, which is a web site.

Look at what we have done, as an agency, and publishing house:

  1. Hipoalergiczni.pl – online service for allergenic community
  2. Antyzapalni.pl – online service for people trying to prevent most of diseases
  3. Diabetyczni.pl – online service for diabetic patients and parents of diabetic children
  4. Onkologiczni.pl – online service for people doing everything to either avoid cancer or win their fight
  5. Happyevolution.tv – online service for persons looking for self-development methods which work
  6. BB-G.pl – huge eCommerce project for international wholesaler of biggest brands in the world
  7. Welmax.pl – all-inclusive project starting from new brand identity, internal communication, web site, vision, mission, product labelling, external communication, PR data base, photo sessions, folders
  8. Multishop24.pl – simple online kiosque for national sale, logo, company gadgets
  9. RetinaLyze.pl – Danish AI supplier’s web site, press conferences, media relations
  10. Organic Life – ecological project, which needed logo, web site, events, partnership projects
  • Send the links of sites which you like
  • List buttons which you need (in MENU)
  • Collect around 10-20 pictures
  • Define what is your OFFER
  • What is your message?
  • Write to us about the above details

We have designed tens of web sites, bigger and very small ones, complicated and expensive, and simple business cards, which are better than nothing. All depends on your needs and budgets.